About Us

Grondin Restaurant  - French and Latin cuisine, Foods ,Culture

The Grondin restaurant was built over a decade ago. We always wanted to put up a good eating place where people can enjoy different kinds of cuisine. French and Latin blood runs in our family and the knowledge of delicious dishes under both cuisines is what we want to offer to other people. For years, we have lived in the United States where our ancestors didn’t originate in. Most of them resided in France and Spain. It is our family who first left our original home to live in a different state, in a different country. But, that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten our heritage. In fact, we are very proud of it. Because of that, we thought of a way to introduce the culture local to our original hometowns to the place where we live in currently.

We know many people love foods and most of us are more than willing to explore a variety of cuisines. Our family decided to put up a restaurant that serves both French-Latin cuisines. For years, it has been a great and successful business and we aim to maintain that. There are so many other restaurants that offer the same thing we have but we kept what we offer authentic and real in our place. We made sure that everyone who will visit our restaurant will enjoy the culture that us, owners experienced back home.

We have learned about French and Latin culture through our ancestors and we have studied it more as we grew up. For the sake of our restaurant’s quality and authenticity, we even hired French and Latin cooks. We also made it possible to bring the whole French-Latin vibe in our place so that we could give a whole new level of experience to our customers. Our aim is to give people satisfaction and experience they never had before or they never thought they wanted to have before. We will continue to grow in order to bring utmost satisfaction to you through the food that we provide and the services.