Grondin Restaurant  - FAQs, French and Latin cuisine, Foods ,Culture

Q. Hi, I have heard that you accept reservations online. Is it true that you only accept the reservations at a specific time? If yes, when is it available?A. Hello, thank you so much for sending us your message and question. Yes, the Grondin is open for reservations. There is also a time slot so that we could arrange everything within a specific time. We do accept them every 6 AM and closes the reservations at 6 PM.

Q. Hi! Is Grondin open every weekend too?
A. Hello, thank you so much for your question. Yes, the Grondin restaurant is also open every Saturday and Sunday.
Q. Do you have any other branch besides the one in Phoenix? If yes, where or how can I find them?
A. Hi! Thank you very much for sending us a question. The Grondin restaurant does have different branches. There is one located Arizona, Denver, Michigan, and more. If you want to know the exact locations of our branches, go to the locations tab and you will see where you can find our other branches.
Q. Does your online menu covers everything you have in your restaurant’s real menu?
A. Hello, thank you for sending us a message. Yes, the Grondin restaurant displays its menu on the website. Everything we offer in our restaurant can be seen on this website as well.
Q. Do you have free parking for customers?
A. Hi, thank you for messaging us. Yes, Grondin restaurant offers free parking for customers.
Q. Hello. I have heard this restaurant offers great tables even for a large group. Until how many people can you accommodate in one table?
A. Hi! Thank you for your message. The Grondin restaurant indeed offers tables for a large group of people. We can accommodate up to 12-member group in one table.