Grondin Restaurant  - Testimonials, French and Latin cuisine, Foods ,Culture
Grondin is such an amazing place. I remember bringing my family here whenever we want to eat something new. The staff and crew are nice and the place is very welcoming which is great for everyone. The food tastes great and I have nothing to complain in all honesty. I wish Grondin can keep their great services for a longer time and can serve more people in the future. – Alexa D.
I am so in love with this place. I always loved French cuisine and serving it together with Latin dishes in one restaurant is an amazing idea. It made me try new things I haven’t had before and I gotta say, everything I have tried in this restaurant is awesome. They really give their all in creating a wide selection of foods and drinks and I am not the only one who loves it. My co-workers, as well as my friends and family, enjoy dining in this place. It is recommended and worth to visit! – Diana F.
It is such a cozy place. This is great for people who love eating in a restaurant that is more quiet and more relaxing. I’ve been to this place even during holidays and I must say that those days are the best. I can see and watch live bands perform great songs that can calm you more than the place can already do. They have great offers on holidays which just make me want to come here all the time. This is by far one of my favorite places. They have great foods, menu, place, great people, and a perfect spot. Other than that, I can see the place keeps on improving as time goes by. They really upgrade their menu and their whole restaurant and I love seeing their progress knowing that they give better services after each development. – Rain I.